Reddo are thrilled to be a part of yet another innovative local project, with the signing of the TLC Healthcare’s $40M iconic 10 level residential aged care and community health hub in Clifton Hill.

After 2 hard fought years of multiple IDAC & VCAT hearings, coupled with a design outside of the BCA, the seemingly impossible has become a reality!  The TLC Healthcare’s $40M iconic 10 level residential aged care and community health hub in Clifton Hill has re-written the book on building innovation.  In recognising changes with Australian’s lifestyles, multi-culturalism and demands of society on how we once occupied our buildings, it is looking to the future.

Reddo played a key part in navigating through and obtaining MFB authority consent based on innovative performance based design compliance.  The MFB fire safety engineers insisted on greater fire and life safety standards and staffing operations which exceeded even a hospital with bed ridden patients.

Buildings old and new are evolving and changing to be more community focused but also changing to accomodate population growth. Australians don't want to compromise access to desired inner city living , lifestyle choices it offers, retaining family connections, access to education, shopping, access to health services and business.

The primary roadblock to this project was that currently, and until 2019 at least, there is no prescriptive Building regulation for class 9c aged care building accommodation exceeding an effective height greater than 25 metres.  This only exists for hospitals.  Government has never expected aged care in a building of this height and have never written prescriptive regulation to address the design.

This project will set new standards nationally and demonstrates new vision as popularity for the inner city ageing population grows.  Kane Constructions Pty Ltd has commenced works under principal consultants Baldasso Cortese.