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New projects for changing times

A new year and several new projects have reinforced the importance of being involved in innovative projects that recognize and adapt to the changing ways in which Australians live, work and learn. All of these projects are looking to the future.

Buderim Aged Care

Reddo are proud to be project managing the certification and building code compliance assessment of a new $26M aged care facility design for McKenzie Aged Care Group in Buderim QLD.

Reddo have assisted McKenzie Aged Care through the NCC 2016 Building Code of Australia assessment process and extended co-ordinations services through the local QLD building certification system and QLD Building Services Authority. Our representation and access to the Victorian design team allowed professional regulatory advice locally which streamlined the certification process for the client.

With this project Reddo has demonstrated our services can extend to oversee the interstate building certification process without an interstate office. Regardless of location of their project, our clients can continue to retain and rely on the sound relationship and team approach Reddo offers.

Reddo Building Surveyors have supported three (3) key ‘performance solutions’ in this building design:

  1. Aged Care is now a growing industry and the safeguard of the occupants during any fire evacuation is paramount. In this 3 storey building the fire stairs do not have a standard air pressurization system and discharge at ground floor within the building instead of directly to outside.

  2. Reddo have checked that all evacuation modelling and smoke management in the building supports the fire hazards and includes frequent drills, management procedures, and onsite training for staff and housekeeping. Safe and timely movement of the staff and occupants into smoke zones and unaffected parts of the building means people can move in a timely manner until the fire authorities intervene.

Construction is due to start in mid March. Reddo will continue in a supervisory role during the construction process, providing regular advice and onsite visitations.


Client: McKenzie Aged Care Group
Architect: Fender Katsalidis
Elec, Lifts, Mech, Fire Services: Waterman
Fire Engineering: Affinity Fire
Structure, Civil, Hydraulics: WSP
Consultant Building Surveyor: Reddo

South Melbourne Primary School hits new heights

The State Government have announced their new vertical Primary School and Child Care project in Ferrars Street, South Melbourne. It is the first school in Victoria, possibly Australia, that is designed for 5 storeys above ground. It is the first Primary School of its kind.  There are other schools built with more than one floor level but it has never been accepted for government primary schools.

The innovative design incorporates design solutions Reddo Building Surveyors will be approving to meet the performance based Building Code of Australia.  It utilises cost effective structural construction & materials, special evacuation modelling from a fire safety engineered design perspective, fire sprinkler system, fire detection and alarm and other fire suppression to ensure the building can perform and is fit for occupation in all aspects of fire and life safety requirements.

Reddo are proud to be associated with this community shared project developed by designers Hayball ArchitectsWallbridge & GilbertSimpson Kotzman and  Exova Warringtonfire.

The South Melbourne Primary School will be Victoria’s first vertical school. On a compact inner urban site of 5000m2, it will be located in the Fishermans Bend Urban Renewal Area which is expected to grow to 80,000 residents over the next 40 years.

Involving the development of a new model for school and community, a key innovation is the unprecedented integration of shared school and community facilities. As well as a government primary school for 525 students, the project includes an early learning centre, administration, multi-purpose community rooms, a recreation hub (indoor netball courts) and associated amenities.

The project demonstrates forward planning of community infrastructure by local and state governments, with the shared facilities forming a mutually supporting complex of excellent and wide ranging services for an emerging local community in one of Australia’s largest urban renewal areas.

Work on South Melbourne Primary School started this week, and the first students will be through the doors in 2018.

TLC Healthcare project

Reddo are thrilled to be a part of yet another innovative local project, with the signing of the TLC Healthcare’s $40M iconic 10 level residential aged care and community health hub in Clifton Hill.

After 2 hard fought years of multiple IDAC & VCAT hearings, coupled with a design outside of the BCA, the seemingly impossible has become a reality!  The TLC Healthcare’s $40M iconic 10 level residential aged care and community health hub in Clifton Hill has re-written the book on building innovation.  In recognising changes with Australian’s lifestyles, multi-culturalism and demands of society on how we once occupied our buildings, it is looking to the future.

Reddo played a key part in navigating through and obtaining MFB authority consent based on innovative performance based design compliance.  The MFB fire safety engineers insisted on greater fire and life safety standards and staffing operations which exceeded even a hospital with bed ridden patients.

Buildings old and new are evolving and changing to be more community focused but also changing to accomodate population growth. Australians don't want to compromise access to desired inner city living , lifestyle choices it offers, retaining family connections, access to education, shopping, access to health services and business.

The primary roadblock to this project was that currently, and until 2019 at least, there is no prescriptive Building regulation for class 9c aged care building accommodation exceeding an effective height greater than 25 metres.  This only exists for hospitals.  Government has never expected aged care in a building of this height and have never written prescriptive regulation to address the design.

This project will set new standards nationally and demonstrates new vision as popularity for the inner city ageing population grows.  Kane Constructions Pty Ltd has commenced works under principal consultants Baldasso Cortese.

Putting the 'high' into Richmond High School

Reddo are thrilled to be the building surveyors on another innovative project in the education sector. Richmond High School is set to cater for 650 students and open in 2018.

The State Government has committed $42 million to building the new Richmond High School.  This exciting and innovative project represents Melbourne's first public vertical high school and has also been designed by the award winning team at Hayball Architects.

The school will be built on a carpark owned by the State Government and zoned for education use between Richmond Town Hall and Citizens Park. A four-storey academic precinct will be located on Highett Street, and a sports precinct will occupy a site on Gleadell Street. 

To discuss your next big idea, or how lessons learned from these innovative designs can be applied to your next project, please contact the team at reddo.

World Architecture Festival Award

South Melbourne Primary School (Ferrars Street) has been named Future Project of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2016, and we couldn't be more excited! WAF is the world’s largest global architectural awards program and festival. SMPS won the Education – Future Projects category, and went on to be selected the overall winner ahead of 12 other Future Project category winners.

As you well know, the project is pioneering the integration of a learning hub with a community centre. Its design is an outcome of research and the open exchange of ideas and different ways of thinking, and we extend thanks to our team of consultants for your part in its success.

Building Surveyor: Reddo
Combined Services Engineer: Simpson Kotzman
Structural & Civil Engineering: Wallbridge & Gilbert
Landscape Architect: Tract
Access Consultant: MGAC
Fire Engineer: Exova Warrington
Acoustic Engineer: Marshall Day
Wind Engineer: MelCon
Facade Engineer: Inhabit Group

Leading the way up: Hayball vertical school design wins world architecture gong

An unbuilt Melbourne school has won one of the top four awards at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.

The South Melbourne Primary School designed by Hayball architects won the Future Project of the Year award, the London-based festival said over the weekend.

Last week it also won the future award – for buildings that have only been designed and not realised – in the education category. But while some entries for a future project in the annual global competition never see the light of day, construction work has started on the $44 million primary school due to open for the 2018 school year.

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Guidance documenting for preparing your report for NCC performance based designs

The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has produced this document to facilitate the development of performance solutions. The document is intended for use by all parties with an interest in the formulation of performance solutions that comply with the Performance Requirements of Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three of the National Construction Code (NCC).

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The Birth of Building Surveying

Remembering the 350th Anniversary of the Great Fire of London.

As part of this anniversary, AIBS has produced a special feature aimed at telling the ‘story’ of the profession to the public and the challenges the profession faces now and into the future.

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