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When you consult with Reddo you have the confidence that our team have the support, the wealth of experience and skills to compliment any building project.

The variety of expert opinions we hear is extraordinary and the shortcomings and inconsistency in building design requirements due to performance building regulation we know, causes greater uncertainty.  

What fire & life safety standards and safety systems do you need or should your building have? Why do I need to do this now when we didn't on the other project?  Well we know.

Our team at Reddo make building legislation easier for our clients and the design team to explore new techniques, new products and manage innovative designs. We understand changing community expectations diverse building uses and evolving society needs in the built environment. We know what the minimum standards are to benchmark the project.

New technology is changing our standards and many design and construction practices. Building Regulations are not responding to keep current with the building industry. Reddo understand the origins of building regulation and standards over the past 40 years and this means we know why was relevant in the first place. Our team have the depth in knowledge to know what the government/industry objective was when it was first introduced. We can help you navigate a path to reach you end goal and deliver a successful project and a code compliant building.

Reddo are actively involved to provide you with a service that is honest, credible and our team will stand by our decisions. These virtues are key to the professional services we offer.  

Reddo holds national accreditation and compulsory registration to practice as building surveyors. We have a very high standard of qualification in our experienced team so feel free to contact us to help.

Do you see yourself working with our team?

We are now employing people to fill the following positions:

  • Building Surveyor (Limited or Unlimited)
  • Building Surveyor Technical Assistants (qualified or near qualified)

please contact our office or email for more details.


the directors

In 2001 Glenn Driscoll, Peter Eyers and Gary Dean set out to build a company based on our integrity and our skills. Each director at Reddo has management experience in private building surveying practices and local government years before the Building Act in 1994 privatized the building permit system in Victoria.


Gary Dean

Gary has over 30 years experience as a building surveyor. He spent the first six years of his career at the former City of South Melbourne (now Port Philip) before he became a director of a private building surveying firm where Gary was responsible for the company's expansion interstate into the NSW market. Gary’s intricate knowledge and interpretation of building regulations and his attention to detail make him a highly respected professional in our industry.

Gary's chief approach is well known. He is a natural leader and over the past twenty years has established a significant profile in many circles. His opinion is reputed, throwing a fresh perspective to challenge many stagnant interpretations of the regulations. Gary is valued by many developers, designers, colleagues and his industry peers.


Glenn Driscoll

With 30 years building regulation experience Glenn has a wealth of knowledge. Glenn’s career commenced at Local Council in 1986 as a cadet, and advance to inspector and in later years to the position of Assistant Building Surveyor. He was a director and accredited national building surveyor of the Darwin office for a multiple national building surveying firm when 'privatisation' was first establish in the Australia back in 1993.

Glenn's commitment to the industry is illustrated by over 30 years involvement with the Australian Building Codes Board, the Building Advisory Council reporting to and advising the State/Territory Planning Ministers, and also through state and national representation with the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors.

Glenn's knowledge of the building regulation framework and continual involvement with industry on representative bodies puts him at the forefront of building control and allows Reddo to provide the latest advice on legislation changes , impact and best implementation for our clients.


Peter Eyers

Peter more than 25 years experience in the building surveying field, both at local government and in privatised building industry. Peter's clear communication skills and ability to see through the jargon to put the building legislation into simple terms makes the pathway to the building permit process easier for clients.

Peter has a reputation for his hardworking approach, his work ethic, and productivity to assure best project delivery and commitment to meeting deadlines with minimal fuss.

Peter's commitment to good communication reflects in his social skills of bringing people together, to listen and understand the complex issues and challenges faced so he can take the steps necessary to resolve or harmonize. Peter sets a great example of high standards and work ethics for our team to follow.